Awnings provide fabulous protection from the ravages of the harsh Australian sun.

Awnings come with your choice of coverings (outdoor sunscreen fabric, acrylic or canvas) offering a variety of levels of sun protection to suit your needs.

Fabric awnings reduce the total heat entering your house, keeping it cooler and protecting your valuable carpets, window furnishings and furniture from either direct or reflected sun damage.

Acrylic fabrics provide a higher level of sun and heat protection whilst still allowing some light to enter.

Canvas coverings offer an almost total blockout of sun and rain suitable for areas with a high level of exposure to the elements.



Straight Drop


Awning provide a stylish addition to any office or home.

Straight drop awnings are an ideal solution for sun protection and double as a subtle privacy screen.

These can be either hard wired motorised or Solar powered motorised, eliminating the need for an electrician and saving on power bills.



Auto Awnings


These have an aluminium hood at the top and guide poles mounted down each side.

The awning only sits approx 30cm out from the window (but can be varied according to your needs.)

This significantly reduces the amount of heat hitting the window and ultimately entering your home.

In turn protecting your home and cutting down on cooling expenses.




Available in a modern range of colours.

Fabric awnings are an attractive feature that will complement the exterior of any home or office.



Pivot Arm Awnings


Are a fantastic way of reducing the heat on your windows and are a perfect awning to added a solar powered motor to.



Zip Screens


A sleek stylish design, enclosed in a neat head box and can be motorised.  Creates an extra room outdoors.

Great for keeping mossies out in summer and keeping it warm and cosy in winter.

They have a track down each side to prevent sagging.

They can be made in both Sunscreen fabric and PVC.

And can be made with a width of up to 5 mtrs and a drop  of up to  4 mtr.

Make your outdoor area and extra room in your home. That can be used all year round.